How to Appeal and Overcome Google Video Verification Roadblocks

First, Why is GBP Verification Important?

You need to verify your GBP before it becomes visible to the public and unlocks all the important features for your profile, such as creating posts, engaging with reviews, updating your information, and more.

This verification procedure enables Google to confirm the legitimacy of a business, ensuring it meets the eligibility criteria for a Google Business Profile and adheres to Google’s guidelines for representing businesses on the platform.

In a perfect scenario, Google would physically visit each GBP location to verify its authenticity and compliance with guidelines. However, this approach is impractical.

As a practical alternative, Google employs video verification, which serves as a virtual equivalent of an in-person inspection of the business. It’s akin to a “digital face-to-face” assessment of the business’s legitimacy.

How to appeal and request verification without video

Good News and Bad…..You cannot pick your verification method. But….If you cannot do video and there are no other options offered, you can contact Google support here and request a manual verification due to being unable to video verify.

Google support may deny the request, but it can work when uploading the right documents. 

Form Steps:

Step 1 put the issue as “verification” >

Step 2 confirm the reason, bypass the “Recommended” section  and click on “Next step” > 

Step 3 click “Email”  and fill the form with all of the requested info

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