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Weekly Peer Group

About ProStar Network Arizona

ProStar is an experienced group of pro service providers dedicated to drive business growth, profits and scalability.

The first local business peer group dedicated to home and commercial pro services for continuous improvement.

Why Join the ProStar Network?

We help pro service providers increase business with shared supplier discounts, labor cost optimization, and operational business plans.

Contractors see an immediate 25%+ addition to profits.

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Your Business, Your Questions.

Join successful Industry service peers each week with valuable years of experience.

We talk everything from service hiring, taxes, accounting, inventory, vendor discounts, marketing, digital ads, and more...

Join us for FREE! Learn what the best companies in the nation are doing to drive business.

Avoid unnecessary mistakes.    Add more revenue to the bottom line!


The First local Pro Services Peer group dedicated to scaling revenue and increasing profits for the pro services community.     

Local Pro Service providers leverage supplier discounts, reduced labor and advertising costs with regular peer-to-peer meetings and support.

We are a group of experienced, successful, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Fire Inspection, Maintenance, and other pro service contractors.

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Million Revenue Generated


You'll be the only plumber we work with in your service area


We give you 100% of our attention with full transparent communication


You'll see measurable results that increase your new customer calls

Learn how 100% Plumbing
and other national leading brands leverage a repeatable model to
scale residential and commercial services

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Your Business is Everything. We Exist to GROW Your Business.

Operations Blueprint

Operations Plan

Revenue Per Number of Trucks, Overhead %, Material, Equipment

Revenue & Budget Plan

Monthly, Annual, Regional Based Budgets, Ratios

Onboarding Training

Technician onboarding, training guides

Dispatch & Scheduling

Systems, Processes, Technology

Accounting, Invoicing

Systems, Technology, Process

Per Truck Exercise

Per Truck Profit Center, Gross, Net, Overhead


Per Truck, Warehouse, Cost

Price Books

Standard Pricing, System Integration, Variable Pricing

Field Tech Operations

Field Training, Processes, Customer Interaction, Upsells, Cross Sells

Business Coach

24/7 Personal Advisor

Break Even Workshop

P&L Workshops, Financial Reviews

Supplier Discounts

Vendor Bulk Discounts, Supplier Selection

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Leverage Local Resources, Discounts, and Experienced Peer Support

ProStar empowers its members to lead the services industry with supplier discounts, comprehensive training, support and proven business systems with the largest Plumbing, Sewer, HVAC and Electrical services companies in the U.S.

ProStar goes beyond tools and resources for business strategies and ongoing success.  

Membership is focused on building long lasting local and national relationships and connections within the service industry. 

Our team is made up of veteran service industry leaders generating tens of millions of service revenue dollars since 2004.    

Members leverage  service supplier discounts, operations and business plan assistance, field service, marketing, training and sales growth expertise. 

No contracts, no long term commitments.   Local high growth service companies providing peer-to-peer support for your service business. 

Marketing Plan and Lead Generation Blueprint


Creating Lead Gen Offers, Highest ROI Ad Leaders

Digital Ads

Selection, Setup, ROI Ratios Each Platform - Google Ads, Bing Ads, NextDoor, Facebook, Instagram

Social Channels

Social Content, Social Channels, Content Creation, Frequency, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, NextDoor


Indexing, GMB, Google Site Kit, Site Tree, Content Frequency, Video


Categories, Keywords, Site Tree, Site Map

Images & Content

Image Creation, Content Creation, Video, Site/Ads/Social

Reputation Management

Reviews, Social, Systems, Processes

Social Content Syndication

National Brand Content, Leverage Existing Content Syndicated


National Podcast, Syndication, Promotion

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Local First.  Local Makes the Difference.

Our secret sauce is our members ability to leverage local supplier discounts, overcome local labor and hiring changes, and replicate local winning advertising methods within local city areas.   We are the FIRST local peer-to-peer support group for professional service providers.  We are 100% focused on assisting the service industry.  

Local Community Support

We partnered with WestMec education and WVIA  to provide regular local peer-to-peer in person strategy and planning meetings to make an immediate impact to the bottom line.   

Our partnership with WVIA and WestMec education provides regular local peer-to-peer in person meetings that make a difference to the bottom line while providing ongoing support and insight with other local service providers.  


Our training center is in the center of Arizona's West Valley.


5487 N 99th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305




1-2-3 GO....How We Do It 

We start with your current business.

We compare existing P&L items with local pro service industry leading standards.  A review of profit, revenue, labor, supplier cost, overhead, and advertising with local winning standards provides immediate and continuous improvement to bottom line profits.

One Truck to One Hundred

The result provides a plan and continuous support to scale to any size.  
Your pro service business is empowered with the unique opportunity to eliminate mistakes, reduce costs, with support from peers who have been in the same position from 1 to 150 trucks.  

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