Google Name Registration Legal and DBA for Verification of GBP and Google Ads

Google announced an expansion of its verification options to include businesses using trade names or “doing business as” (DBA) names. The change effective January 2024, allows businesses to verify their DBA names when the DBA and the legal name are both present on the verification documentation.

Benefits of DBA Verification

This update provides several benefits for businesses using DBAs:

  1. Streamlined Verification Process: DBA verification eliminates the need to file separate documentation for both the legal name and the DBA, simplifying the verification process and reducing paperwork.
  2. Enhanced Brand Identity: By verifying their DBA alongside their legal name, businesses can strengthen their brand identity and ensure consistent branding across their marketing efforts.
  3. Enhanced Transparency and Trust: Demonstrating compliance with Google’s verification requirements fosters transparency and instills trust among potential customers.

Verification Requirements

To verify their DBA names, businesses must submit documentation that clearly indicates both the DBA and the legal name. This documentation may include:

  • Business license or registration: This document should clearly display the DBA name along with the legal name of the business.
  • Incorporation documents: For incorporated businesses, the articles of incorporation or a similar document bearing the DBA and legal names is acceptable for verification.
  • DBA registration certificate: If the business has registered its DBA name with the relevant authorities, a copy of the registration certificate will suffice for verification.

Google’s expansion of advertiser verification options for DBA names is a welcome step for businesses using these alternative designations. By streamlining the verification process and fostering brand consistency, this update enhances the overall user experience for businesses and their marketing campaigns.

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