California Qualifying Party Plumbers License

Every license issued by the Contractor State License Board (CSLB) necessitates the presence of a qualifying individual, commonly known as the “qualifier.” This individual is the sole person listed in CSLB’s personnel records, having demonstrated knowledge and experience through the application process and holding one or more license classifications. The qualifier can take various roles, including Sole Owner, Qualifying Partner, Responsible Managing Employee (RME), Responsible Managing Officer (RMO), Responsible Managing Manager, or Responsible Managing Member.

For an individual license, the Sole Owner can act as the qualifier, or they may designate a Responsible Managing Employee (RME).

In the case of a partnership license, the qualifier can be one of the general partners (designated as the Qualifying Partner) or the RME.

A corporate license’s qualifier may be one of the officers listed on CSLB’s records (designated as the Responsible Managing Officer or RMO) or an RME.

For a limited liability company license, the qualifier may be one of the officers, members, or managers listed on CSLB’s records (designated as the Responsible Managing Officer or RMO, the Responsible Managing Member, or the Responsible Managing Manager, respectively), or an RME.

If the qualifying individual is an RME, they must be a “bona fide employee” of the firm and cannot serve as the qualifier for any other active license.

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