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We ensure 100% Plumbing + Drain Franchise Cost is an Affordable Investment with a Potential for the Highest Returns

At 100% Plumbing, our passion is to help entrepreneurs become successful business owners quickly, and that means we keep a close eye on the areas that matter to grow. The executive team at 100% Plumbing shares one fundamental belief: the best way to participate in the market at your full value is to go into business for yourself.

Because of our strong belief in entrepreneurship, 100% Plumbing is one of the most affordable business opportunities in the $110 billion industry. The total investment to open a 100% Plumbing franchise ranges from $25,000 to $50,000. Unlike other brands in the home services industry, 100% Plumbing franchise owners benefit from a straightforward business model that is quick to scale.

Leverage a Growing Home Service Industry

100% Plumbing capitalizes on a thriving industry. Struggling to elevate your business? 100% Plumbing, a prominent plumbing franchise brand, presents an Organizational Health Check. Our leadership team is here to provide the answers you need for substantial business growth.

Mont Stephenson, President of 100% Plumbing, is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. Having worked with plumbing businesses across the United States  he shares valuable insights gained from 25 years in the home improvement industry. Our proven business model and efficient systems ensure entrepreneurs' growth and prosperity.



Large Discounts to Military Veterans

We Offer a BIG Discount to Military Veterans If you’re a military veteran, franchising with us is even more affordable. Because we know that veterans have the leadership skills, ability to follow a business model and an endless drive to succeed, we believe that the path to business ownership should be easy.

For all qualified U.S. veterans, 100% Plumbing + Drain offers 10% off the franchise to help you get started in business after your exemplary service to our country. We cannot thank you enough!

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Million $ Revenue Generated

20 Plus Years Experience in Operations, Marketing, and Back Office Home Services.  Our Team is Your Team.

Annual Per Truck Average

Per Truck Revenue, Expense, and Inventory Tools along with Coaching Make it Easy to Scale Your Business.

YoY Growth

Consistent Year-over-Year Service Revenue growth.  Your Success is built on Years of a proven Model.

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We're thrilled that you're considering partnering with us as a 100% Plumbing owner.

Having been in your shoes before, Mont Stephenson and Ron Babich bring a unique perspective to ensure that our established systems always prioritize the best interests for you as an owner.

Partnering with 100% Plumbing goes beyond a chance to expand your business. It means joining a company with extensive experience in operating the best plumbing opportunity available in the market today.

It involves growing our team of highly skilled plumbing technicians and earning the trust of our valued customers every single day.

It is a commitment to perpetual growth, continuous learning, and the ongoing development of business to deliver the most exceptional customer experience imaginable.


Custom Territory Selection

We’ll guide you through every step of the territory selection process to ensure you’re in the most attractive areas and are capturing the best chances for success.

On Going Weekly Support

We’re going to be very active in what goes on in your operation on a weekly basis, effectively becoming the partner you need in this business

Award Winning Training

Skip the mistakes, leverage the wins.  Over 20+ Years of Proven Strategic Result Training.

Low Cost Entry, $20 Franchise Fee
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100% Plumbing Playbook


Our in-house training platform Success Academy provides owners and their employees with 24/7 online training, as well as instructor training, workshops, webinars, and more.


We provide a full-service marketing toolbox that delivers on-demand and completely customizable marketing materials. Plus, our nationwide support team includes an on-call marketing coach that delivers one-on-one marketing assistance.


100% Plumbing is a member of ProStar, a contractor-founded organization that provides the buyer power of large companies to our locations. ProStar allows our members access to discount pricing on products, free product training, and fleet service solutions.


100% Plumbing Locations stay ahead of the competition by installing private label products. Our buying power with ProStar gives our locations access to wholesale pricing and allows them to pass on the savings to the customer.



Business software enables owners to handle every aspect of their business, from managing calls to organizing inventory. Mobile applications makes it simple to receive calls, schedule appointments, and present upsell options to customers.


We have the knowledge and tools to help you find—and keep—the best technicians and employees for your business. Your personal coach offers training, tools, and tips to ensure that you retain good talent.


New locations are invited to LAUNCH Week to help them learn the ins and outs of running a plumbing business. In addition, new owners receive hands-on support from a consultant who is available 24 hours a day and will walk them through the first six months of operations.


No matter the economy or current market trends, the demand for residential home services is always in demand and is only expected to increase. In fact, the home service market is projected to grow by 18.9% and reach a value of $1.1 billion by 2026.

Operations Blueprint

Operations Plan

Revenue Per Number of Trucks, Overhead %, Material, Equipment

Revenue & Budget Plan

Monthly, Annual, Regional Based Budgets, Ratios

Onboarding Training

Technician onboarding, training guides

Dispatch & Scheduling

Systems, Processes, Technology

Accounting, Invoicing

Systems, Technology, Process

Per Truck Exercise

Per Truck Profit Center, Gross, Net, Overhead


Per Truck, Warehouse, Cost

Price Books

Standard Pricing, System Integration, Variable Pricing

Field Tech Operations

Field Training, Processes, Customer Interaction, Upsells, Cross Sells

Business Coach

24/7 Personal Advisor

Break Even Workshop

P&L Workshops, Financial Reviews

Supplier Discounts

Vendor Bulk Discounts, Supplier Selection

Marketing Plan and Lead Generation Blueprint


Creating Lead Gen Offers, Highest ROI Ad Leaders

Digital Ads

Selection, Setup, ROI Ratios Each Platform - Google Ads, Bing Ads, NextDoor, Facebook, Instagram

Social Channels

Social Content, Social Channels, Content Creation, Frequency, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, NextDoor


Indexing, GMB, Google Site Kit, Site Tree, Content Frequency, Video


Categories, Keywords, Site Tree, Site Map

Images & Content

Image Creation, Content Creation, Video, Site/Ads/Social

Reputation Management

Reviews, Social, Systems, Processes

Social Content Syndication

National Brand Content, Leverage Existing Content Syndicated


National Podcast, Syndication, Promotion

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